Company introduction

Red Sun Furniture Industrial CO.,Ltd established in 1998, located in Shunde Foshan Guangdong Province, who concentrates on design, manufacture and sales, specializing in the production of high quality products such as bar chairs, dining tables and chairs, with professional technical personnel and modern production equipment.


According to the individual needs of customers, Red Sun Furniture selects high-quality materials, improves the technical process, perfects the management system, and ensures the quality of products. Red Sun Furniture combines harmony in Chinese aesthetic philosophy and simplification in Italian modern furniture. The products ingeniously cater to the elegant taste of urbanites, are popular in Western Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other overseas markets.Especially in bar chairs and other sub-industries, has been in the leading position in the industry.

Red Sun pursues "user first, quality first, integrity management, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy, cooperates with clients to expand market share at home and abroad.



红太阳家具坚持 “用户至上、质量第一、诚信经营、共赢互利”的经营理念,与客户携手合作,共同开拓海内外市场。

Company's core concept


RIGOROUS AND SCIENTIFIC INSPECTION LINKS In-depth inspection is a necessary section for

making elaborate furniture and pursuing perfection.Raw materials selected shall be subject

The inspection on coating of product is Fatigue-endurance and destructivity

We strictly select raw materials and to strict and captious inspection in all

very important, which includes thickness,resistance test for finished products:

suppliers from brands and wel-knownfactories.aspects before being warehoused,

adhesion and scraping,& corrosionConduct the destructive test of free drop

including physical test, chemicalresistance.

under the gravity-inspection, inspection of appearance, size and precision.